DON’T STOP BELIEVING:                               

Creating Passion for Your Life

When does the innocence and enthusiasm children have for life leave us and turn into the harsh rules and “realities” adults feel we have to live by? When does dreaming become a bad thing? Why do we have to stop? What does it mean to face reality? Or, worse yet, “be realistic?” Most adults live conservatively in the safety of the boxes they’ve created around themselves – they go school, they get a job, have a family, and they feel safe in the titles and roles society creates with the acceptance, “this is good enough, why do I need more?”


Why do adults believe life stops there and the rest of it should follow? You work, you have a family, and you retire; and under each of these are the subcategories of life, as prescribed, are achieving these things what makes a person successful? The majority of people don’t even realize that they haven’t even tapped into their greatest potential when they accept their settled-ness. People have so much more to give, do and be and yet they end up settling for “good enough.”


When you talk to children they have innocence, an air of imagination that anything is possible. They want to be a builder, a dancer, a chef, a soccer player, and an artist, a pilot or racecar driver. They want to be it all. Why does the world tell us that to have ALL these things is not possible? The world says, “be realistic”. You can’t do all that. You have to focus on one thing not several. Well, I say don’t keep children from believing that all is possible. Of course it may not be possible to have them all at once, but to experience them over the course of a lifetime very well could be possible, and quite interesting.


Are you willing to explore the “what if’s…” of life that you’ve left dormant? Like doing that one thing you’ve always wanted to do, maybe it’s making massive amounts of money, or creating the family you’ve always dreamed of, or experiencing life everyday in a passionate and loving way in which you are a catalyst for change? Are you willing to find out if the “what if” could be the spark to a more fulfilling, more enriched life? What if you could be more comfortable, never have to worry about money, or your time, or taking off of work? What if you could actually plan on taking a vacation to someplace you really want to go and not obligated to go? Does any of this interest you? How would life be for you if you could wake up each day excited about the things on your to-do list because you totally wanted to do them?


Jim Carrey once said, “You can spend your whole life imagining ghosts and worrying about the pathway to the future….so many of us choose our path out of fear disguised as practicality and what we really want seems impossibly out of reach and ridiculous to expect so we wind up never daring to ask the universe for it, I’m saying I’m the proof, you can ask the universe for it.” Of course any of us can ask the universe for what we want, we have to believe we can have it and then do your work to expect it.


I have the incredible opportunity to share a coaching a program, no, a formula, that teaches you the how to ask, believe you can and live to expect what you want in life. This program can replace whatever beliefs or obstacles you’ve placed in your life, from what other people have told you you are, you could be, or not be, that YOU have the power to replace them with imagination of a being a different or better person, creating a better life, and developing an action plan to get you to see yourself and your life in whole new way. Would you be interested?


How would it feel to wake up and approach life with the enthusiasm and imagination that you are perfect in your imperfection and anything is possible? Are you interested yet? I facilitate a program that can make this happen for you. I am and I know many people with amazing stories of how they wake up this way, thinking and living with passion for life again.


I have that passion about this program, about life, and I’m looking for people who want to know how to get their passion and enthusiasm back in their life. Fall in love with yourself, with your life again! If you think you are that person, then contact me and see if you are ready to make the decision, do exactly what I tell you and be ready for amazing results. With my help and the Thinking Into Results program you can find that special power inside of you that will make you the person you really want to become. Here’s to the dreamers and believers to achieving a more enriching and fulfilling life!

I totally believe in YOU and I’m waiting to hear from you.

Jennifer Barna, an inspiring, enthusiastic and life experienced certified Thinking Into Results facilitator, providing business and personal coaching to individuals and organizations to meet the goals they set in all aspects of life.