Discovering Your Beliefs: Brief Survey


Fill in the blanks with the first word that comes to your head, not what you want to think, or what you think you should think, but what you truly think and feel.

Be honest with yourself! You may be surprised when you discover where your beliefs truly lie.



(   ) I can __________________                       (   )________________ makes me happy.

(   ) I can’t __________________                     (   )________________ makes me excited.

(   ) I should _________________                    (   )________________ motivates me.

(   ) I shouldn’t _______________                    (   )________________ make me angry.

(   ) I am __________________                        (   )________________ makes me guilty.

(   ) I am too __________________                  (   )________________ makes me sad.

It’s _______________________for me to ask for what I want.

When I make mistakes, I _________________________________________________.


(   ) My body is _______________                            (   ) Sleep is ________________

(   ) I see myself as _______________                     (   ) Exercise is ______________

(   ) I see others as _______________                      (   ) Food is _________________

(   ) People are _______________                            (   ) Diets are ________________


(   ) Men are ________________              (   ) The thing I love most about my life is __________

(   ) Women are _____________               (   ) I feel connected to others when ___________

(   ) Children are _______________          (   ) I feel at peace when _____________

(   ) Sex is __________________              (   ) I feel hurt when ______________

(   ) Commitment is ______________        (   ) My feelings are ________________

(   ) Love is ________________



(   ) Money is ___________________                                  (   ) I am really good at ______________

(   ) Work is ____________________                                   (   ) My greatest asset is _____________

Retirement means ____________                                        (   ) My greatest fear is ______________

What’s the most you’ve ever earned in a year? ________________

Do you believe this is what you are worth? ______


Now, in each parentheses line put an E or an L.

E = Empowering Belief – powerful, positive, feels good

L = Limiting Belief – judgment, anxiety, fear, doubt and worry, feels bad.


When you change the way you look at things the things you look at changeSelf-Inquiry

Are your beliefs limiting you?

Are these beliefs true?

Did you create these beliefs based on past experiences from your early life?

Have you generalized these beliefs to apply to similar situations now?

What is it you want out of life that you think you can’t have?

What is it that you’re afraid to do?

What are the reasons you told yourself why you couldn’t have or do these things?

Do you want to change any of your beliefs?

If time, money and resources were not an issue and nothing else could get in your way, what do you really want to do?


Being aware of your limiting beliefs is the first step toward change.

Deciding these are no longer true for you, you can start to replace them with empowering beliefs and effective action!


I can show you how to change one or more of the beliefs above, are you INTERESTED OR COMMITTED? People interested in change do what is easy and convenient, those committed to change will do whatever it takes!

Would you COMMIT a specific amount of time every day to make the changes necessary to accomplish the success you seek?

If this sounds like something you’d like to explore contact me to set up a complimentary consultation.